2024 - 2025 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jul 17, 2024  
2024 - 2025 Catalog and Student Handbook


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Anderson, Sherri Administrative Associate Sr.
Andrade, Lidia Administrative Associate Sr.
Appu, Bishad Accounting Associate
Arevalo, Ashley ERP System Support Specialist
Arnold-Calder, Lauri Dean of Instruction
Avery, Felicia Testing Specialist
Barlow, Don Facilities Technician
Beritiech, Jonathon Director of Facilities
Bertrand, Paul Assistant Director of Corporate Partnerships
Biksey, Cheryl Business Services Specialist
Blivens, Toni Administrative Associate Sr.
Bordeman, Ashleigh Human Resources Manager
Bowman, Laura Manager of Instruction
Boyd, Craig Lead Facilities Technician
Buckner, Matthew Technical Support Specialist II
Burks, Leigh Silsbee Coordinator
Byrd, Amanda Administrative Associate Sr.
Cardenas, Kristie Procurement Specialist
Carter, Kaden ERP System Support Specialist
Case, Lauren Cashier II
Chavis, Paula Administrative Associate Sr.
Chisholm-Springer, LeAnn Director of Nursing
Clark, Amber Director of Administration
Clark, Angela Director of Online Learning
Clary, Heather EMS Instructional Staff
Clements, Robin Accreditation and Assessment Manager
Cole, Crystal Financial Aid Specialist
Cole, Rebecca Manager of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Collins, Maegan Academic Department Chair
Cook, Susan Director of IT Risk, Compliance, and Project Management
Coon, April Executive Associate
Cooper, Darnella Campus Safety Officer
Corks, Jamarcus Coordinator of Special Populations
Corley, Stephanie  Human Resources Manager
Coulon, Johnay Administrative Associate Sr.
Cox, Kash Assistant Vice President of IT
Cuccia, Monica Cashier Supervisor
Doll, Antionette  Coordinator of Truck Driving Academy
Dry, Randle Process/Instrumentation Lab Technician
Durr, Abby Dual Credit Outreach Recruiter
Edwards, Markquinn Campus Safety Officer
Falb, Cathy Manager of Financial Aid
Finley, Stephanie Scholarship Coordinator
Flores, Rocio Executive Associate
Fruscione, Richard Academic Department Chair
Garner, Drew Learning Lab Specialist
Gaspard, Delaina Payroll Manager
Gentry, Becky Director of Campus Safety
Ghorayeb, Joul Manager of Client Computing
Ghorayeb, Samir Associate Vice President of IT
Goins, Chelsea Program Enrollment Specialist
Grant, Azlyn Dual Credit Outreach Recruiter
Grantham, Lindsey Student Life Coordinator
Graves, Chelsea Accreditation Admin Specialist
Guidry, Jacob Technical Support Specialist I
Gunner, Charles Manager of Career Services
Hamilton, Mattie Administrative Associate Sr.
Hargrave, Samantha Recruiter
Hatton, Michael Director of Dual Credit
Hawsey, Kathleen Manager of Workforce Programs
Hill, Dr. Angela Vice President of Instruction/Provost
Hollaway, Tammie Clinical Coordinator of EMS
Hunter, Krista Executive Director of Development/Foundation
Jackson, Daniel Manager of Police Academy
Jenkins, Dakeisha Marketing Coordinator
Jennis, Marlene Executive Associate
Johnson, Lori Coordinator of Testing Center
Jones, Marc Assistant Director of Truck Driving
Jones, Tamalla Academic Department Chair
Kamara, Aminatta Grant Writer
Kelly, Jeremiah Marketing Coordinator
Knape, Beth Executive Director of Human Resources
Korns, Linda Director of Financial Aid
Landor, Jerri Testing Specialist
LeTulle, Hannah  Director of Communications and Marketing
Lee, Crystal HR Specialist
Lee, Jackie IT Business Specialist
Litynesky, Katy Administrative Associate, Sr.
Mason, Kenneth Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Accreditation
Msoud, Hind Academic Advisor
Matthews, Paul Academic Advisor
McIntire, Darren Chief Information Security Officer
McWhirter, Kimberly Administrative Associate Sr.
Melo, Amberr Executive Director Procurement Services
Michalk, Jason Systems Administrator II
Mitchell, Nicole Academic Department Chair
Monse-Thompson, Jolene Director of Emergency Medical Services
Montes, Forrest Webmaster
Moore, Nadria Academic Advisor
Morales, Tasha Associate Vice President of Student Services
Morel Sabillon, Allan Facilities Technician
Naville, Danielle Cashier II
Newbold, Luouida Student Accounting Associate Sr.
Nixon, Michael Assistant Director of Regional Police Academy
Odom, Leanna Vice President of Business Services
Ortiz, Ivan Coordinator of Retention
Pereda, Ana Executive Director of Workforce
Perkins, Cynthia Receptionist
Peyton, Jean Administrative Associate Sr.
Pier, Monica Communication Access Provider
Placette, Alicia Associate Director of Finance
Randall, John Coordinator of Fire Protection Technology
Rash, Gary Executive Director of Campus Safety
Ratcliff, Jaclyn Admissions Specialist
Retherford, Amanda Director of Finance
Richard, Wendi Data Management Officer/Senior ERP System Specialist
Rodriguez, Arturo Coordinator of Continuing Education
Rodriguez, Gerardo DevOps Engineer
Rodriguez Garcia, Miguel Institutional Reporting Analyst
Rossi, Tammie Accounts Payable Associate
Sala, Kimberly Manager of Academic Advising and Retention
Salgado-Estrada, Karina Recruiter
Savant, Carmen GEDS Coordinator
Sethna, Bishar Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Assessment
Sheppard, Joanna Assistant VP of Business Services
Simmons, Brittany Associate Director of Accounting
Singleton, Anna Program Enrollment Specialist
Snider, Sheryll Director of Procurement Services
Stanley, Pamela  Evaluations Specialist
Stelly, Joseph Instructional Staff I, Truck Driving Academy
Stephenson, Andrea Registrar
Sweeney, Everett Network and Telecommunication Manager
Talbert, Cheryl Financial Aid Specialist
Tanner, Deanne Program Enrollment Specialist
Tezeno, Tashanda Administrative Associate Sr.
Tran, Kim Director of TCC Contract Administration
Valentine, Dr. Sidney  President
Vanover, Joshua Technical Support Specialist I
Velasco, Jessica Administrative Associate Sr.
Walker, Kaylee  Administrative Associate Sr.
Walters, Tracielynn Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
Walston, Virginia Admissions Specialist II
Welch, Allen Dean of Instruction
Wells, Nick Facilities Technician
White-Davis, Melinda Gateway Coordinator
Wickland, Mary CFO and Executive Vice President of Business Services
Wilhelm, Amber Payroll Specialist
Worry, Dr. Valerie Academic Department Chair
Young, Freddie Campus Safety Officer
Zindt, Connie Special Event Coordinator